Adjusting Hours & Monthly Calendar

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At Pure Chiropractic you do not need to make an appointment. Matter of fact we take “walk-in’s” only. Come in anytime during office hours with little to no wait!

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10 thoughts on “Adjusting Hours & Monthly Calendar

  1. Thank you Dr. Heather for seeing me today. I really appreciate you making me feel better.

  2. My husband has had great help from you and bought 5 visits for $100. Id like to buy that for my daughter-in-law for a gift for New Years. Would you let me purchase by cc over the phone and mail a gift certificate to me?

  3. Absolutely! That is a nice gift! I appreciate you thinking of Pure Chiropractic. Please email me your name and address. When you call with payment, I will need: Credit card number Exp date 3 digit code on back Zipcode where card is mailed.

    (If I don’t answer you can leave that info on my secure voicemail.)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family! 🙂

    Sent from my iPhone Dr. Heather Ann Rassel, D.C.


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